This topic came to my mind while ranging the region to find objects for my plein-air series «Buildings». In the middle of a roundabout – trapped by the surrounding roads – there is a hardly usable place, like an artificial Island. It can serve as an obscure or even romantic garden landscape or a place for artistic design in the dull suburbs.
In my paintings I de-contextualise and render the roundabouts in an alienating way, so that they become detached from the surrounding traffic and buildings. Due to that the main focus lies on the object itself and its absurdity.

Kreisel Laufen Stefan Aufder Maur Painting

Laufen, 2015,
oil and egg tempera on linen,130 x 174  cm

Kreisel Bettingen Stefan Aufder Maur 01

Bettingen, 2016,
oil and acrylics on cotton, 130 x195 cm

Kreisel Bulle 02 Painting Stefan Aufder Maur

Bulle, 2015,
oil and acrylics on cotton, 100 x 100  cm

Kreisel Regensdorf Stefan Ad M

Regensdorf, 2015,
oil and acrylics on canvas, 00 x 100 cm

Kreisel Wernigerode Stefan Ad M

Werningerode, 2016,
oil and acrylics on cotton, 100 x 100 cm