Similar to the plein-air series «Buildings» I’m interested here in the interrelationship of human-made structures and the surrounding environment. But instead of massive functional buildings the painted buildings are smaller constructions commonly found on playgrounds. Often, such structures have a surreal appeal that I try to manifest in the pictorial implementation with swift and bold brushstrokes. On first sight, the function of the constructions isn’t clearly palpable and they might look like a utopic village in the jungle. 

Spielplatz Nr3  Painting

Playground Nr 3, 2017,
oil on cotton, 78 x 105 cm

Spielplatz Nr5  Painting

Playground Nr 5, 2018,
oil on cotton, 78 x 105 cm

Playground Nr6 Painting

Playground Nr 6, 2018,
oil on cotton, 78 x 105 cm

Plaground Nr4 Painting Stefan Auf der Maur

Playground Nr 4, 2018,
oil on cotton, 78 x 105 cm

Playground Nr1 Painting

Playground Nr 1, 2016,
oil on cotton, 90 x 60 cm

Playground Nr2 Waldhuette Sad M

Forest Hut, 2017,
oil acrylics auf canvas, 135 x 180 cm