On these small format bird-portraits every feathered animal sits alone on its branch. They are resting, a little sleepy, fluffed or even turned away…

The birds are caught with sketchy, imprecise brush strokes and thick application of oil paint and thereby they gain an immediate liveliness.
Most of the portraits are painted on irregularly shaped pieces of wood, metal, or other things found in the waste or on the streets.
I found this topic whilst working on the cramped, larger formatted paintings of the series Animal Kingdom.

D Kakadu Dscf2619

cockatoo, 2012,
oil on aluminium, 28x20 cm

C Wellensittich Dscf2618

Budgerigar, 2012,
oil on aluminium, 25x20 cm

J Wellensittich Dscf2270 01

Budgerigar, 2011,
oil on cardboard, 23x29.5 cm

V Papagei Dscf2571

Parrot, 2012,
oil on copper, 15x20 cm

M Wellensittich Dscf2573

Budgerigar, 2010,
oil on metal grid, 20x35 cm

T Wellensittich Dscf2314 01

Budgerigar, 2011,
oil on HdF, 18x25 cm

B A Papagei Dscf2581

Parrot, 2012,
oil, lacquer, 26,5x35,5 cm

X Wellensittich Dscf2556

Budgerigar, 2011
oil on aluminium on cardboard, 18x28 cm

B C Wellensittich Dscf2561

Budgerigar, 2011,
oil on aluminium, 20x20 cm

B Y Wellensittich Dscf2335 01

Budgerigar, 2014,
oil on textile (Gobelin), 20x25 cm

W Wellensittich Dscf2334 01

Budgerigar, 2011,
oil on aluminium on hdf, 24x29 cm

C H Wellensittich Dscf3512 01

Budgerigar, 2013,
oil on hdf, 22x20 cm

C K Wellensittich Dscf3508 01

Budgerigar, 2013,
oil on marble, 12 x 20 cm

C M Wellensittich Dscf3604

Budgerigar, 2013,
oil on metalic-papaer, 22,5x27,5 cm

Ausstellungsansicht Dscf3360

Budgerigars and Parrots
installation view Regionale 13
Kulturhaus Palazzo, Liestal, 2012

Lei1 Dscf2591

installation view Regionale 13
M54, Basel, 2012